I'm Cameron.

I'm a director, animator, and visual effects artist from Oakland, CA. After 8+ years of freelancing, I'm now working in-house at Github in San Francisco, helping to make some cool octocat animations

I also am in the midst of changing my online identity to my new name Cameron Foxly, so you might see me credited either way. I got married in June of 2017, and my wife and I chose to take on a completely new last name, because we can! We're making an animated short film together, and you can check out our progress HERE

I dont update this site all that often, especially now that I'm not freelancing full time. To see what I'm up to more currently, use the buttons on the bottom of the page to jump through to my various online outlets. Overwhelmed with too many buttons? Try my TUMBLR, or my INSTAGRAM, which are updated most frequently.

Better yet, check out the short film I'm making with my wife in our spare time HERE.